So, until I feel differently, this section will be about my health.
Specifically about the drastic changes that occurred when I was 15 in 1973.
I was a real silly bugger.

7pm March 30, 1973, Route 44, Manchester, CT. Age 15.

I was hit by a car going at least 50 in a 35 zone.

I was walking towards the traffic. There are no sidewalks. It was near dark.  Silly bugger! I was with my friends and we were going to sneak into the back of the Manchester Drive-in and watch an R rated movie. We'd done it before.  No problem. We're halfway up between Shady Glen and the 3J's bar and bam! The car hit my right leg and threw me against the low wires that defined the roadway. My left shoulder was dislocated. I did not know that. My nose was bloodied from scraping across the wires. I did not know that. My kneecap was smashed and everything around it torn apart. I did not know that.  I did not know anything until my friend got me to stand up. I've never felt a pain like that before. That was the nerve in my leg being cut by my shredded leg bones. The artery had already been severed. I didn't know that either. Somebody ran to a house and called my Dad. My Dad had just got a raise that very day and was happy when I had left the house. No more. No more. He scooped me into his car and ran all the lights to the Hospital yelling at me to stay awake. I was coming and going.  At the hospital there was no waiting.  Suddenly I was in an X-Ray room and I started to notice my shoulder really hurt.  Finally a doctor came in and set my dislocated shoulder. I was so happy to have the pain go away that I said 'thank you' and proceeded to put my hands behind my head in a aura of relaxation...I dislocated the shoulder again...the second time he set it he told the nurse to hold my arms until they could get a sling see they were more interested in my leg...I didn't know why....


























































General Chronology:
1957, November 30, Born, Irvine Hospital, Ayrshire, Scotland
    I should of been called Andrew...
1957 - 1959?, Lived at 8 Smith Cresent, Kilwinning, Ayrshire, Scotland
1959-1964, Lived at 10 Back Temple Hill, Troon, Ayrshire, Scotland
1964, Immigrated to Northern Ireland
1964-1965, Lived at Portrush, one dune from the sea...
1970, Immigrated to America on a cruise ship called the Hanseatic,
1970-1971, Lived at the Parkade Appartments, Manchester, CT USA
1970-1974, East Catholic HS, Manchester, CT, graduated HS at 16
1973, March 30, 15, Hit by car walking to sneak into Manchester drive-in.
  My Dad asked the Dr. how high they would have to remove my leg...
  The Dr. said, we have a new procedure I'd like to try... it saved my leg
1971-1986, 29 and still living at home.