The Beginning of the End

1969 started around 1955 and it was all over by 1973.

If I have to explain that, then "you weren't there", as they say.

Just look up Ginsberg, the Route 66 guy, Jack Kerouac , the Naked lunch guy, William S. Burroughs, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, and you'll be on the path to enlightenment.

I've picked 1969 because it was the pinnacle of a social revolution that we have not seen the likes of since. The only thing remarkable about today's youth is that they are in all the adverts for the 'cool' stuff. Nothing like diverting attention away from your commitment to the human species when you can just press a button and 'like' something. No true investment there. IMHO...

As will happen with economies based on consumerism, Madison Avenue took the 60's mantra of  'don't trust anyone over 30' to a new level of branding. When they realised the potential of the youth market in the 60's, well, that's when the social enlightenment part of the revolution went down-hill.

No more making you're own tie-dye.

And it's really a shame.


It's 1958 and  N + D = PEACE
 (You gotta learn Semaphore in case your ever stuck and happen to have two flags)

Just 13 years earlier (1945) the Atomic Bomb had been dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 
By 1955 the U.S and the Soviet Union  had enough Atomic Weapons to destroy the ENTIRE Earth several times over.
And you wondered what all the fear was about...

...some people had just had enough of the destructive madness
In 1957 Bertrand Russell joined with Albert Einstein to organise a conference of Nobel Prize winners in Pugwash, Nova Scotia which called for the destruction of Nuclear Weapons.

The conference included scientists from both sides of the 'Iron Curtain'. Winston Churchill had come up with the phrase 'Iron Curtain' in a speech given March  5, 1946. Never mind that Russia, had lost 12 million people fighting with the Allies for the 'good fight'. The old power struggles were still there.

It was Churchill's speech, which he titled "The Sinews of Peace," that changed the way the democratic West viewed the Communist East, and created what was known as the 'cold war'.

But...I'm taking you back in time and we need to move forward.
You can start to see why history is important. A few words can change everything...

It's 1958
and the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament has a new logo...

You see, having an atomic bomb was not enough in the minds of certain power hungry countries. So there was a race to see who could build a better bomb.
'We can blow more of you up' was the motto of the day...

Well, they did it.

The hydrogen bomb is 1000 times more potent than an atomic bomb. Britain fired their first one in 1957. The year I was born.

John Lennon was 18.