Having grown up in Britain, I was (am) a huge Thunderbirds fan. I collected the Rice-Crispies box tops and sent away for the Thunderbirds costume. It was the little blue vest and the little blue hat. I was in my element! I rescued everything I imagined I could rescue! I don't know what happened to the little blue outfit. I had a couple of the rockets too.

My favourite was Thunderbird 2 because it could carry stuff. My, what it could carry. Little modern-looking trucks and diggers that could rescue anything.

I think I must of been Virgil Tracy, the Commander of Thunderbird  2! 

Apparently Gerry Anderson, creator of Thunderbirds, feels the same way!
(Ignore that other marionette behind him...)

I guess this is even where I  got my taste of English 'surf music', with Cliff Richard and the Shadows.

They were turned into marionettes for 'Thunderbirds are GO!', the 1966 movie.

I found out in 2002 that my Dad's cousin, Tommy McQuater played trumpet  in Barry Gray's Orchestra. Barry Gray's Orchestra created the score for the Thunderbirds TV series in the 60s.

Small world eh?

Speaking of Gerry Anderson, the Royal mail came out with an entire set of stamps to commemorate the creations of his studio.

I sent away for every thing they had...

Tommy McQuater even played "Lips", the trumpet player in the band 
'The Electric Mayem'
on the Muppets TV show from 1976 to 1981.

Not a bad gig!
I was just starting to contact him about my family history.

Tommy passed away on January 20, 2008.

You see Tommy also played in
'The Squadronaires'
a famous dance band in the 1940's. Another member of that band was Cliff Townshend, the father of
Pete Townshend!

So now you
Won't Get Fooled Again...
Tommy, Tommy, Tommy...

A person who found this page sent me this picture.

It's Pete Townsend (left) with David McQuater (right), son of Tommy McQuater.
Pretty Awesome !

Thanks Dude !!!

Butlin's Holiday Camp! Perfect!!!

  If you ever visit London, you have to go the 'Forbidden Plant' shop on Shaftesbury Avenue. It is a mecca of 1950s and 1960s sci-fi TV and movies. I was there in 1988? and bought the only full-size Thunderbirds marionette they had! I had explained my fascination with Thunderbirds to my cousin Paul, and he told me I had to go there. He was right!

Imagine this popping up inside Forbidden Planet...